Intensive Community Crime Prevention (ICCP) is aimed at reducing youth crime in the City of Kingston. ICCP will engage youth with the highest needs - particularly those individuals who are unwilling or unable to access other community treatment programs. ICCP will connect high-risk youth with appropriate supports and services based on their individual needs. Eligible participants will have access to:

  • Clinical Therapists

  • CBT and DBT modes of therapy

  • Crime Prevention Case Managers

  • Indigenous Case Managers

  • Family/school liaison

  • Crisis management

  • Food literacy

  • Resources and referrals

Eligible participants of ICCP will be transitional aged youth (ages 16-24) who are identified as having multiple criminogenic risk factors such as:

  • Prior and current offenses

  • Antisocial personality or behaviors (physically aggressive, poor frustration tolerance, hyperactivity)

  • Pro-criminal attitude

  • Negative peer influences

  • Family conflict

  • Low achievement in school or work

  • Substance abuse

  • Lack of leisure or recreational activities.

Programming and supports provided through ICCP will be specific to reducing criminogenic risk factors. In addition, with the guidance from an Elder and Indigenous Case Managers, ICCP will provide culturally relevant programming and supports that all youth can benefit from.

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